Calendar For Famous Festival Of Gujarat … Introduction to the Mushroom World Here a crop calendar is provided for the commodities which are traded in the Indian futures market. 11.00AM-12.00AM. Date. Rabi Season = October -----Jan 3. 10.15AM-10.45AM. The three main sources of growth in Gujarat's agriculture are from cotton production, the rapid growth of high-value crops such as fruits and vegetables, and from wheat production, which saw an annual average growth rate of 28% between 2000 and 2008. Bank of Baroda, Dena Laxmi Bhavan. Near City gold, Ahmedabad-380009: 079-26584272 , 079-26594143: Training Coordinator . 1. Introduction to the Training. In India, Date fruits are harvested at ‘doka’ stage to avoid any damage caused by humidity and rains. Navsari, Gujarat India Dr. Ajit Kumar Desai Fruits & Vegetables Pvt. From dahi handi breaking competitions to decorating the livestock, all festivals of Gujarat have something special about them. Celebration of most famous festivals in Gujarat will make you groove while flaunting the state’s age-old traditions and vivid culture. 4 th Floor, 188-A Ashram Road. Thus, January is the coldest month, while May is the hottest month for Gujarat. Title of lecture. Depending on the variety, dates are eaten at different stages, so the harvesting depends on the local demand. Mango Farming. Agriculture Trade and Economy: Agriculture in Gujarat forms a vital sector of the state’s economy. Expert. October is another month of higher temperature. Gujarat State Seeds Corporation Ltd., established in April 1975 popularly known byits brand name GURABIN is serving in the larger interest of farmers from more than three decades with farmers faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements. Introduction: . Gujarat recorded highest decadal agricultural growth rate of 10.97% among all the Indian states. Time. Zaid Season = February ----May Major Kharif Season Crops : There are three main seasons. Mango Farming is the leading fruit crop farming of India and considered to be the king of fruits. Day 1. Groundnut (highest production in the country), cotton, Tobacco (second highest production in the country), isabgul, cumin sugarcane, Jawar, Bajra, Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Tur and Gram are the important crops of Gujarat. 21. In the state of Gujarat, Ethephon spray (1,000ppm) at colour break stage is recommended to advance the fruit maturity. Kharif Season = June ----- September 2. Ltd. Navsari, Gujarat India Bakul C. Chaudhary Desai Fruits & Vegetables Pvt. Besides the delicious taste, excellent flavor and attractive fragrance, it … Crop weather calendar is a comprehensive guide for farmers. The state produces a large variety of crops and its cropping pattern reflects the spatial variations in climate and topography. The average weekly maximum temperature is 39.9 C, generally reached by about the second week of May.
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