Pabda Fish is another popular freshwater river fish, popular in West Bengal and cooked with an authentic Bengali recipe called Pabda ... Vishakhapatnam, Chennai and Raichak in Kolkata. There is no doubt that both rice and fish are the staple Kolkata cuisines. Many noted musicians have played at popular night spots such as Trinca's, Blue Fox, Mocambo and Moulin Rouge. Fresh Fishes Ask Price. Calcutta celebrates the gastronomic preferences of the romantic and epicurean Kolkata in the most glorious way. Koshe Kosha has multiple outlets in the city and though they have many fish dishes (being a Bengali restaurant), Bhekti Chingrir Melbondhon stands apart. It is a famous fish of BangladeshDue to the same this fishes are largely demanded by hotels and food industries owing to delectable flavor. We also offer this fishes in bulk quantity with international packaging maintaining its own nutrients value. Fish is an integral component of Bengali cooking. There are continental dishes such as fish a la kiev served with a cream cheese sauce and fish Florentine, or try the gondho lebu fish flavoured with Bengal king lime served in a white sauce. While this traditional dish is a spicy fish curry made along with potatoes & tomatoes, and usually seasoned with turmeric, garlic, onions & grated ginger, it is best relished with rice. Killing the commonality of generalized menu, Fish Fish, at Ballygunge has become iconic for catering only to the tastes of seafood enthusiasts. Explore best restaurants nearby Delhi NCR. Every restaurant with a Bengali food menu has the famous Macher Jhol. MUST WATCH If you a pet lovers. Since its inception, Kasturi, located at Ballygunge and various other places( New Market, Nagerbazar, Jadavpur, and Gariahat) has been considered one of the best Bengali restaurants of the city. Famous for its seafood, Bohemian, at Ballygunge, offers Cheese baked crab and other delectable dishes to mesmerize you. Fried or curried and usually paired with rice, it makes for a delicious meal that seafood lovers should make sure not to miss out on while in Kolkata. Cooking and experimenting with seafood comes naturally to the Bengalis, owing to their proximity to the Bay of Bengal. Their version of the fish meuniere has spice laced bekti fillet, shallow fried, in lemon butter sauce. Oysters, Crabs, Prawns, Sole, Pomfret, and Beckti, cooked in innovative and delicious ways is sure to delight you. Bohemian is a trend setter for several innovative fusion dishes. Killing the commonality of generalized menu, Fish Fish, at Ballygunge has become iconic for catering only to the tastes of seafood enthusiasts. Furnished with simplistic yet elegant furniture and wall posters, this restaurant is a hidden gem serving some delicious dishes to the crustacean lovers and saltwater fish. There is … Located at Southern Avenue, this restaurant is truly bringing in a revolution in the world of food by prioritizing seafood like it has never been before. You... Are you having a difficult time to find the yummy yet healthy vegan snacks to satisfy your hunger anytime?, Then read further to know... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Cutlet – Cutlets are tasty snacks that are made from minced meat of fish, chicken, beef or mutton dipped in batter and deep fried and make good teatime snack. Serving dishes like Dab Chingri, Kankrar Jhal, and Bhetki Paturi, this quintessentially Bengali restaurant brings to the table authentic flavours from the sea. Kolkata makes you fall in love with it for its culture, the beauty and needless to say, the delicious fish curries. Pic credit: kolkatafoodbloggers, Yes, fish to Bengalis is just like beer is to Germans or apple pie is to Americans. Located at Hatibagan, Gariahat, Sector 5, Sector 1, Hazra, Barasat, Kasba, Garia, and Nagerbazar, this chain of restaurants has every intention of pleasing you with their dishes like Pomfret Paturi, and Deshi Pabda. Nowadays, one can find unique fish dishes, which are not so fishy and have a modern and broader appeal. Keeping the Bengali cuisine essence at its core, Chef Joy has crossed all boundaries and brought in a number of mind-blowing dishes. World's Cheapest Fish market , Shyambazar Haat, kolkata. rohu fish. In two way Ilish could be fried up! Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options … However, the Grilled Fish, at The GRID needs a special mention because it is made with so much love, care and perfection, and it is a must try for any fish lover. This market has a pungent seafood smell and sounds of buyers and sellers conversing. Explore more of the Top restaurants in Kolkata with EazyDiner. Chowman serves us with the authentic Chinese cuisine. 15 Fish Fish. Preparation of the fish depends upon the choice and availability of fish. Calamari. Also, it is not written anywhere, but this place follows a formal dress code, you can't turn up in shorts here. To add to the taste, enjoy your prawn cutlet. I would like to give a disclaimer here. And it is claimed that the first construction of Rasgulla was done in West Bengal itself. Serving a variety of Asian cuisines like Thai, Continental, Chinese, and Indian, Hatari is best known for the wide variety of seafood it offers. Started as a small flagship restaurant at Golf Green in 2010, Chowman has since then spread its branches at various locations like Ballygunge, Sector 1, Garia, Behala, and Baguihati. Churmur, a cousin of the phuchka family is another delicacy too hard to resist. Howrah Fish Market . Codfather makes a brave attempt of bringing the classic combination of fish and chips from England to the streets of Kolkata. (24 Feb 2019 Visit) - Duration: 10:00. Located at Outram Street in the Park Street area, Tangerine is known for its seafood. Fish Fry in Kolkata - View Menus, Photos, Reviews and Information for restaurants serving Fish Fry in Kolkata on Zomato Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. Fish is a very common and famous dish of Kolkata . Image Source. Fish Recipes- Bengali food and its love affair with fish curries and fish fries is not surprising given the abundant fresh water rivers that criss-cross through the state, providing plenty of supply.Preparing and eating fish delicacies has become a part of Bengal's food tradition and culture. If you visit the Golpark branch of Mitra Café, remember to try out the fish fingers, chicken roll, and Moghlai Parathas over there. Kathi Rolls. Ecstasea, at Southern Avenue, has in store for your supreme ecstasy many mouth-watering seafood delights like Teriyaki Octopus, Jumbo Lobster sautéed in your choice of sauce, Squid Ring Fry, and a lot more. Pabda Rolls Stewed in Cherry Tomato and Spinach Broth is light and fragrant and finally, a fish other than bhekti being the star takes the cake. No matter how much you try, you cannot leave bhekti out of the menu and no amount of innovation in any other fish can take away the popularity of bhekti. Jhaal Muri at Maidan/Central area 18. Fry a slice and bite! If you are craving for seafood and great tandoor at the same time, Charcoal Grill, at Park Circus, is the place to be. If you’re a seafood lover, make sure this is on the top of your list. It is made by steaming the fish and there has never been any time when it has not been perfectly cooked. In the 1970s and 1980s much of Kolkata's night life took place at Park Street. Perhaps it is the meaty texture minus the fish bones and the sweet taste of Kolkata bhekti that makes it so popular. Macher jhol with rice is the staple food of this city, found almost everywhere in Kolkata. I have grown up outside Bengal and throughout my childhood, whenever I have mentioned that I am a Bengali, the first response had been- ‘Oh, macher jhol bhaat’. It has been a part of most menus in the city for ages. We all have certain ingredients in our kitchen that we use on a regular basis. Salt ‘n’ Pepper Prawn, Pan-fried Chilli Fish commands you to come hither. This is the only restaurant in Kolkata dedicated to serving nothing but fish. It is a fresh twist on the regular sweet patishapta and every bite of this roll is a tantalising treat guaranteed to make any food lover drool. Too many diners were no longer Bengalis looking for fish in every meal. The best fish dish of Kolkata is Macher Jhol. 20 Best Places In Kolkata To Find The Perfect Dessert, Top 20 Must–Have Ingredients in Indian Kitchen, Top 20 Delicious Vegan Snacks you can have Anytime, Best Air Fryer Recipes – Healthy Meals You May Cook, Top 20 Dishes to satisfy your midnight cravings, 20 Most Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh Must Have. Calcutta. Bangladesh is a country with thousands of rivers and ponds and is notable for being a fish-loving nation, acquiring the name "Machh-e Bhat-e Bangali" which means, "Bengali by fish and rice".. Ilish is the national fish of the country where it contributes 13% of country's total fish production. Churmur outside South City Mall 24. It is usually seasoned with turmeric, garlic, onions, and grated ginger. It came as an influence of the British cuisine and lead to one of the famous street food of Kolkata, the Fish fry, bread crumb coated Bekti (Bhetki) fillets. Bengali cuisine (Bengali: বাঙালি খাবার) is a culinary style originating in Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, which is divided between Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam's Barak Valley.There is an emphasis on fish… Let 6, Ballygunge Place invoke your love for fish and immerse you in flavours from the deep blue sea. So much to take in at this one city can be mind boggling but fortunately we have for you a list of the thing Kolkata is best known for; take a look! And it is no secret that seafood pre-dominates Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine. Get your first FREE meal at just 8000 points. catla fish. Soft crepes made in ghee with a stuffing of rohu mash with spices has a sublime taste. 6 Ballygunge Place is a household name in the city and they are probably one of the few good Bengali restaurants. It is not meant for people on a lean diet. In keeping with the spirit of Bengal, and for the delight of seafood enthusiasts, Kasturi has furnished itself with Pabda Shorshe Jhal and the likes. Aaheli is a Bengali restaurant that nestles in the cosy comfort of The Peerless Inn. The fragrance from the gondhoraj elevates this simple steamed fish. Squid (cuttlefish) or narsinga (calamari) cusine has a very special place over the coastal areas of India. In the last decade, the city has seen several innovations in this area. It is located at different places like Ballygunge; Sector 1, Salt Lake; Sector 5, Salt Lake; and Kasba. Apart from these dishes, the sweet dishes of Kolkata are world famous for their taste and ecstasy. Macher jhol is a traditional, spicy curry, which besides fish also includes potatoes and tomatoes. This helps in the sustainability while maintaining the nutrients. The dish is cooked in mustard oil. A classic restaurant with quiet and dim lit interiors, Mocambo holds its own charm among the numerous restaurants in Park Street. It also serves North Indian, Thai, and Italian cuisine; and the decor that resembles a hillside cafe with its wooden furniture and large glass panels overlooking the street makes it a pleasant place to dine at. Searches related to Fresh Fish in Kolkata. In fact, Kolkata’s urban fish farming has become so famous as a … Download the EazyDiner app & get 500 EazyPoints on registration. basa fish. However, the ones mentioned here are definitely preferred by connoisseurs. AQ INC 181,584 views. It is packed with flavour and goes great with rice. Bhawanipore is another must-visit place for good, nay, GREAT phuchkas and street food. This is evident in its food, architecture, culture and people. Fish fry is my all time favourite. The bhekti is moist and the lemon butter sauce that comes with it is packed with flavour and is spiked with chillies. Even though it is not a street food stall, the price of the food is incredibly low. 10:00. Located at Baguihati, Gariahat, Behala, Golf Green, and Garia, Hatari is a favourite haunt for college goers and seafood gourmands. Instant restaurant reservation with guaranteed deals in more than 10000+ restaurants across India & Dubai. Pur Bhora Bhetki, Golda Chingrir Karsaji, and Paramadrita Pabda Jhhal will catch hold of your imagination and take your sensations on a trip to paradise. It is not your regular fish fry. The fishes are full of nutrition and are hygienically processed. Tribal masks and wall paintings lead you to a glass door that opens into the homely dining area of The Mango Tree. The restaurant has also gained fame for serving authentic tribal dishes. You will be stunned by the vivid varieties of seafood and fish. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Kicking off the list of the best seafood diners in the city is none other than everyone’s favourite 6, Ballygunge Place. Some of the major sweet dishes that you can find here are as follows. Some of their famous dishes are Thai style Spicy Dumplings, Crackling Spinach, and Pan Fried Asian Chilly Fish, etc. Famous for its Devilled Crab, no seafood enthusiast should think twice to visit this restaurant. Go for delicious seafood at Santa’s Fantasea whose walls remind of the deep blue sea and dense jungles welcomes you. Cupcakes and lemon tarts at Nahoum & sons, New Market 21. The restaurant's red leather seats and dim lights give an old world charm to the place. It comes as no surprise that Kolkata houses some of the best restaurants for the connoisseur of seafood. Fish are caught both from natural resources and by farming in self-made ponds. Calcutta, at Forum Mall and Silver Spring Arcade, has equipped itself with dishes like Mochar Chingrir Sheekh Kebab and Kakra Chingri Bhapa. Almost like a paturi, the soft and flaky bhekti in a combination of chilli and cheese is spellbinding. There is nothing innovative about grilled fish. Although they serve Continental, Italian, and Indian cuisines, the specialty of the restaurant remains in its collection of delicious seafood. Its combination of fine dining with excellent seafood is incomparable in Kolkata. Despite having a plethora of dishes in other fish, Steamed Bhekti With Pickled Chilli And Cheese at Bohemian is a killer dish and perhaps one of the most popular ones too. 12. Apart from Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines, The Wall, at Southern Avenue, has  a number of seafood items any enthusiast would swear by. For someone who's run two restaurants, being a baker and cook par excellence comes easily to Madhushree . All of the sauces, essential ingredients, crockery, and cutlery are imported from China and Thailand. The dish has a … We list the best street food items in the city. (Kolkata) Fish Fry is a silver lining of British era in India, sad but true. Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is known for its diverse history. Bringing the coastal flavour of India onto the dining table, The Coastal Macha is unique in their creation of a menu comprising of authentic Goan, Keralian, Konkan, Mangalorian, Maharashtrian, and Malwani dishes. It is simply dreamy and creamy and finger licking good. Fish Fish Kolkata; Fish Fish, Ballygunge; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Fish Fish Restaurant on Zomato With the passing time and IT industry growing, the ever cosmopolitan Kolkata demographics had changed. Almost like a paturi, the soft and flaky bhekti in a combination of chilli and cheese is spellbinding. The city has several more brilliant fish dishes which are extraordinary. Pabda is one of the tasty fish. Despite having a plethora of dishes in other fish, Steamed Bhekti With Pickled Chilli And Cheese at Bohemian is a killer dish and perhaps one of the most popular ones too. salmon fish. Chowman also has an assorted variety of incredible seafood items. This allows the seafood enthusiasts all over India to come together in their love for fish and taste every possible preparation under one roof. Machher Kochuri is a Bengali style kachori with tasty and spicy fish stuffing. It is also one of the only diners in the city that serves sushi. Talking about cheese, Oasis Restaurant at Park Street serves this extraordinarily satisfying Baked Fish In Cheese. This is the only restaurant in Kolkata dedicated to serving nothing but fish. 2. To meet with this expectation, Oh! Apart from its sensational collection of seafood, this diner also serves Continental and Bengali cuisines. Luckily, it is easily reachable in Kolkata, either you want to order different types of fish for your seafood restaurant or you just want to prepare tasting grilled fish recipes at home. Here is a list of 5 restaurants that are a wonderful ode and a pompous celebration of the romantic city of Kolkata! Prawn Ka Seong and Shangsi Crab Meat Soup can undoubtedly make its way into the hearts of devoted seafood lovers. Perhaps it is the meaty texture minus the fish bones and the sweet taste of Kolkata bhekti that makes it so popular. Oil content is in this fish is pretty standard to maintain healthy diet and proper meal. Her experiments with food and her recipes are part of Pikturenama , where she's a co founder. Macher jhol is made with potatoes and tomatoes. Whole Grilled Beckti and Lobster Thermidol served here makes for a lovely eating experience. Not only do they serve mouth-watering seafood, but also offer you excellent tandoors and an amazing to make a wholesome dining experience. Park Street officially known as Mother Teresa Sarani and earlier as Burial Ground Road is a famous thoroughfare in the city of Kolkata. Fish and seafood should be an essential part of our eating habits since a fish meal is rich in numerous nutrients and vitamins. The continental style of filleting fish was not known to Bengalis initially. Mishti doi at Bheem Nag 17. Howrah Fish Market is one of the largest in the country. The huge variety of food items, high on taste and low on price, makes Kolkata a food lover’s paradise. Loitte mach is the Bengali version of Bombay duck and this dish is a mash of the fish with spices and plenty of chilli on a stone or a mortar and pestle. The above list of dishes is certainly not an exhaustive list. If there is anything a true Kolkatan can’t say “no” to, then it is a good plate of fish. There is fish in abundance of every kind in several cuisines. Nigiri Sushi and Prawn in Chilli Basil Sauce are the specialties of this restaurant and the great buffet menu is an added bonus. Get to know the best fish shops in Kolkata. Authentic bengali thali at Kewpies, Elgin Road 22. white sandesh at Gangurams, Bow Bazar 23. 900g+ size ilish fish mature and healthy fish like 800g/850g+ Ilish Fish, which test spectacularly amazing. 1. Creating ripples in the realm of seafood in Kolkata, Santa’s Fantasea at Golpark, Southern Avenue, and Sector 1, Salt Lake has attracted people’s attention with their Tuna, Horse Mackarel, Prawn, Squid, Crab, Lobster, Pomfret, and Octopus dishes. Kolkata is famous for its seafood , sweets and Puchka . Receive important updates about your booking, latest offers & other alerts over, Top 5 Ways to make Ghar Ka Khana Worthwhile during Lockdown. It simply melts in the mouth and the chilli had a super kick. Combined with tangy masalas, tetul gola (tamarind pulp), mashed potato and broken papris, churmur is simply heavenly. Mitra Café is quite famous in Kolkata, and there are many branches of the restaurant. Read on to know where to buy fresh fish in Kolkata: Where to buy fresh fish in Kolkata? Best Seafood Restaurants in Kolkata, Kolkata District: Find Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Kolkata Seafood restaurants and search by price, location, and more. Located at Tollygunge and Deshapriya Park, this restaurant offers its customers a variety of seafood like crabs, octopuses, lobsters, and prawns to choose from. The Kolkata model of rearing sewage-fed fish is used in a number of Indian cities, including Nagpur, Chennai and Bhopal. A typical Bong’s love for fish is unparalleled. A no-no place for vegetarians as well as non-fish lovers, Fish Fish at Ballygunge has the entire menu dedicated to fish. When she's not eating out, she's organizing her own pop ups or experimenting with regional recipes. Oh! Pic credit: Having stated the Bengali’s desire for fish for decades, Bijoli Grill, apart from being a joint specializing in fish, has also gained an emotive element, thereby becoming somewhat of a heritage shop. Attempting to become the Godfather in the world of seafood, Codfather, at Lake Terrace, Southern Avenue, has on its menu a mix of contemporary and classic dishes like Prawn Cocktail and Fish ‘n’ Chips. This one is a giant sized piece of bhekti cutlet with the stuffing of shrimps. Calcutta (Reserve Now to Get 10% Off on A La Carte): Oh! Halim at Park Circus 20. Cost: ₹1,100 for two people katla fish. tilapia fish. Known for some of the best seafood in Kolkata, Fish Florentine is a must-try here. Refusing to serve meat of any kind that has not been extracted from large water bodies, this restaurant has on its menu gems like Prawn Cocktail and Fishermen Basket. One portion is good for 2 people and is a great evening snack too. Kolkata is famous all over India for Rasgulla. Lobster Chill and Squid Koliwada are among the best served here. Live grills on table, an assortment of the best seafood dishes, amazing (and a little scary) wall decor with open-mouthed sharks, and a great buffet menu come together to give you Ocean Grill at Sector 5, Salt Lake. Rui Macher Patishapta at Aaheli, The Peerless Inn is one of their signature dishes. Kasturi is a very popular restaurant chain in the city serving Bangladeshi cuisine and their Loitte Mach Sheele Baata is simply incredible. Mohonbagani Chingrir kebab, for its part, combines the Bengali’s love for food and football, making it an explosion of true Bengaliyana. tuna fish. One has to try out many over the years. If there is something that Bhojohori Manna has indeed learnt from his trips to Istanbul, Mishawr, and Kabul, then it is how to cook delicious seafood in the authentic Bengali way. You will be forced to lick your plate clean once you start with it. You must have seen Rasgulla in white till today but in Kolkata, They make Rasgulla separately like green, pink, orange, yellow, black and various colors. Macher Dimer Roast is an interesting take on Hilsa roe and has a unique flavour experience with a mustard relish. Before British came to Calcutta (back then it was pronounced so in English accent instead of the original name ‘Kolikata’) Bengali had fish fry i.e. Best Seafood Restaurants in Kolkata (Calcutta), Kolkata District: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Kolkata (Calcutta) Seafood restaurants and search by price, location, and more. We can always stock it and use it whenever... Preservatives are always used by humans to extend the shelf life of several foods. Reshmi butter kebabs at Arsalan, Park Circus 19. Oh! And oh my god! Direct fry by separating into backbone. Macher jhol is a very famous and household dish of every home and restaurant. All of the above mentioned fried fish dishes are made of fishes with bones. It’s a desi version of English (British) Fish and Chips. It is meant for cheese and cream lovers and despite all the richness, the fish stands out. Our expertise enables us to offer Fresh Fishes of various species. sea fish. After being a frontrunner in catering for the typical Bengali wedding for years, Bijoli Grill has now set up outlets at Southern Avenue, Bhawanipur, and Prince Anwar Shah Road to allow its customers to sit and enjoy fish ‘n’ chips. Fish curry at 16 anna bangali 16. Exclusive Video On Biggest Aquarium Fish and food market at Galiff Street Kolkata,in India. Macher Jhol (Fish-curry) Place: Bhajahori Manna . Calamari recipe of Squid as food is very popular in Gujarat, Goa and Kerala. You haven’t really been to Kolkata if you haven’t relished the best street food in Kolkata.The cultural capital of India, Kolkata boasts of super-delicious food – be it phuchkas or Channar Jilipi, the lip-smacking flavors will delight your taste buds in the city of joy.. So is the Steamed Fish With Garlic And Chilli Marinade at Oh! Amongst many fish dishes, Gondhoraj Bhapa Bhekti is a superior dish. pomfret fish. Well-known mostly for its bhaat-maachh (rice and fish) and non-vegetarian food, Kolkata is a heaven for vegetarian food lovers as well.
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