It was about 2:00 AM when the high pitch screams started and it sounded like it was only 25-30 ft. away from our camper door. I live in Greene RI and have two foxes living in my vicinity. When they are cornered they can be very vicious. savvy? Understanding that the new ‘Young-lings’ will call out when the need be (lonely, hungry or just cold (and we’ve had some rather rainy cold weather as late), I believe, what I heard, was the ‘Young Fox’. I heard a weird sound when we were coming home two nights ago. She made only a faint whimpering grunt sounds during the 7 minute encounter, I live in West Haven CT.. a shoreline town and I am less than a block from shore… my neighbors and I just witnessed one of these god awful creatures chase a neighbors cat up treen. A fox makes many different sounds. 1 chasing the other, problably out for some snatch. Fishers will kill any animal they feel they can subdue, cats, dogs, whatever! I have heard that exact same sound here in Arkansas, and I am in a very habited area. This is a noise I’ve never heard – it went right through me. are all different. Many of the sounds people are calling fishers are actually red foxes. with a vernal pond in the woods across the street from us. It was a dark area and I was using a wide angle lens so wasn’t able to zoom in to see what it was, but I had assumed it was a raccoon. So the next time a bear takes down a human shall we call it restoring the delicate balance ( serial killer who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones ), this is what i heard and saw in wakefield . They enjoy domesticated cats, rodents and like to fish. Plus his own calls! c.d. Wow, if I find one more nighttime video mistakenly calling calling fox calls fisher… What a bunch of complete misinformation. By the way, there have also been moose, black bear, and rattlesnakes. I heard a baby one outside and i no it wasnt a fox cause i went and checked it out and that was the sound i heard. it was very disturbing and honestly quite scary. Are we SURE this is a Fisher Cat sound? Wild turkeys can sound like the neighbor is strangling his wife. The Fisher Cat is a marten related to the family of weasels and is only found in North America. This audio is nowhere near as terrifying or as human sounding as what I heard last night. Holy smokes! Both times I went out with a powerful light for a look. Looking up their supposed North American range, they are not supposed to be living here which I can only assume bodes well for them. !” that lasts for about two beats. I hear it again and I’m up and sitting on the side of my bed. For one thing, they do not actively prey on cats, according to a study of fisher cats’ stomach contents, a study carried out by the New Hampshire Dept of Fish and Game, in 1994, I think it was. ( I know but what can you do I love to talk to animals and NO they don’t answer lol). I haven’t been able to fix the gaping hole in the screen door – yet [I think it’s going to require an entire new door] but I’ve been letting my cat out anyway. The Video clip #1 and #2 on this page sound like owls to me but nothing is known about the location or origin of the video so they could even be tropical monkeys for all we know. The other references to fishers ‘screaming’… those are raccoon. Of course the DEM would never let it go public because then people would start hunting them. I use to live in Windham off of Varney Mill Rd and awoke to the worst sounds you could imagine one summer morning.When we went outside we found our neighbors cat dead on their porch and a fisher cat taking off around the building so be careful it could happen. Those of you who found them beautiful, get up and personal with one, but don’t forget your bat, they DO attack people.the pair had a mile circle of dens that they move between, one den used for raising their young. I’ve only seen one, and it took off the minute it saw me peering out the window. Two of my cats were let out by accident, and at 2:30 a.m., we heard terrible screaming out in my back yard. You will find many, many other sites that document the calls of foxes. Maybe the fence, along with a fencer, will help give some peace of mind, and exercise to those Australian Cattle Dogs?? Guess you need to get a life. I agree with you… they are horrible and I’d celebrate them being killed, too. thats why the fisher is comming towards our houses and looking for food. Whatever it was, scared us so bad, that we darted back towards town, and we could still hear this thing following us, running at the same pace as we were, screaming it’s ass off, behind the buildings we were passing. I have to keep my cats inside until it’s found and caught. Perhaps it’s big foot. They make that sound when the male shows up to visit female & young ones. I had one under my BR window not more that 5 weeks ago. he was part maine coon cat, the best Cat we have ever had. They scream in the night like someone getting murdered. Please go to the SSO message board on yahoo finance and post some poo humor. ?i know i f they are seen in my area they will be shot! Could this be a fisher also?? Absolutely, I agree with the comment above that clip three is a domestic cat. I make sure the old man is in at night but my Maine Coon is out exept during cold and snowy nights. More like 20 pounds. This was about 11 AM on a cloudy day, within 1/8 mile of houses. Sounds exactly like a fox alarm call. I also suggested it So I guess I will have to learn to live with these guys! I have seen fisher cats many times and never heard a scream that was not identifiable as another animal. I heard this horrible screaching, screaming, growling, and moning sound. Ticker SSO then message boards Last night I saw one across the street from us, and we live in a densely forested and coniferous area of Hamilton, MA. once i heard this cry i put out one of my traps and put dead fish guts in it. Our urban neighborhood buffers some 24 acres of immediate woods, with hundreds of connected acres through several smaller suburbs, all with thousands of acres of woodland, rocky cliff areas and sliced by I-84 Interstate. I have hunted, camped, explored, scouted, and walked a lot of Montana. Hunting today for a buck , seen one was ready to shoot him with my crossbow @ about 40 yrds and out stepts a fisher @ 15 yrds he looks @ the deer then turns my way and starts to walk towards me, i. lower crossbow and try to get cell out to record his screaming while hes walking towards me. a grey fox has almost the same exact screech that a fisher makes. In RI, you can’t trap, release or shoot these darn things. I wish this misnomer would disappear from the vernacular. well, The fox was creepy, I really didn’t like it to be honest. If you have one actually witnessed (not just assumed) on video – you are the first. I wish there was some way to get rid of these nasty things. What else can it be? my friend Rachel and I heard last summer and now we are wondering which it was…. lol. I heard the first half-second of the sound on this page and knew it was a fox. I don’t want my dog bit and I am a crazy dog mom, I have had her since she was only 3 days old I know I would fight for her. Spotted a Fisher late this afternoon in Easton Ct. A runner not a fighter, when he failed to return as with our neighbor’s cat a month earlier, I knew something was up. A connebear (sp) trap is a kill trap and it will get rid of fishers. Looked out the back patio door this morning and did a double take. Where I live and work in central NC, we now have coyotes, and river otters have returned–we had one in our lake a work. Deer are being seen all over the place. Actually, cats cover their “poop” so what you are seeing is from another type animal! These poor animals are SO confused. Not even alone for a second! Fisher Cats aren't cats at all. Bingo. If I won the lottery I’d buy up everything around me, give living rights to my good old neighbors and keep anything else from being built. I am not certain if it was from a fox or fisher cat, but I have seen many fisher cats around. It would be interesting if someone could capture a video of a fisher actually screaming. Size I would not think 8 to 10 but more like 20. do you think this might have been a fisher? I’ve seen that first-hand. Fishers weigh around 9-18 pounds and I’ve never heard of them attacking people and dogs. Something attacked a whip-poor-will in my backyard (we next to a large wooded area) and it made sounds like a raccoon but it was much bigger than a raccoon, I am guessing. There is nothing they cant eat including the bones. =C We then learned about Fishers and he realized that that is what it was. Commercial use allowed. As for medium size dogs, they don’t stand a chance with a fisher hanging on his throat while he runs for home bleeding from his jugler! I live in western foothills of Maine, and we have “lost” cats before and always blamed coyotes…thinking my Hav-A-Heart trap will be put to good use. Well, I had the pleasure(?) The stories go that the fisher makes this terrible high-pitched screaming, which sounds like a woman being murdered, either when they are mating or when they are attacking another animal. We know that fishers are in the area because we have heard their screeches in the past. With long, slender bodies, their legs and tails are both black, and they may have cream-colored patch on their chests. I am currently writing a review article on the fisher, and an extensive search of the scientific literature reveals NO reports of fisher screaming. Just having published a blog post featuring a groundhog fight I've decided to post a raccoon fight for comparison. Do I need to worry about this thing coming into my yard if I don’t have any food stuffs out there? But no - a fisher will not attack a human. I’m in a midway ourskirt semi rural point that is currently being creeped upon by urbanization. It is not just related to the weasel family it is a member of the weasel family, mustelids. The thing I fear is human. I understand how everyone who hears something in the night wants to put a name to it. Was euthanized after being found positive for rabies. I live in the northern portion of NH and have heard of them, but have never seen one. A friend of mine used to have a flock of turkeys around his house, but a fisher hunted them down. We had one in Freetown when I was a kid (not far from Tiverton). sorry about your and your Uncle’s loss. if you do a search for fox calls you’ll hear many different calls from one animal. hopefully they only roam at night, hopefully, because i dont want my dog to get bit while in the yard during the day. most experts couldn’t tell them apart. Thank you for the website. I thought something was dying…my neighbour came out at the same time and called her cat in the house…at the same time I saw the fox running was the fox screeching at the cat. Although food availability is recognized as the dominant attribute of fisher habitat, the use of an area is also believed to be dictated by the presence of large tracts of conti… Fisher cats, or fishers, are the N.A. And that my friend is is also NOT part of the local eco system. “Fisher cats are really dangerous and have the reputation of pretty much killing all small animals in the surrounding areas” … really? If you hear a repeating lone call in the middle of the night, it’s not a fisher. My dog has been staying up all night every night since our first sighting of this animal just before dusk 6 days ago.My dog Faith likes most animals but this animal is really getting under her skin. I live in the woods and they hunt right outside my house (usually underneath my window at around 3am). Thanks for an informative site! Here is a small sampling: Many people know what these animals are. Why re-introduce a killer? I can have a garden again. I simply hate fishers. It sounds like a child screeming for mersey. Fishers are famous for screaming. We had to ask the Fish and Game what the heck it was. lol! our back woods..she was out the other night with 2 of her dogs..and she could hear A study done on the stomach contents of fishers in an area where “all the locals said the fishers were killing their cats” (so they were apparently exterminating the poor fishers!) i have been hearing this sound for a while. I’m heart broken over the loss of our pets and I pray everyday that they come home but I’m starting to think a fisher cat got their claws on them :'(. With all these noises I have never had any fear of the nature around me. But also the fisher cats are the scareyest sounding animals ever and I fear they will wipe out all the wildelife living in our area. It still chills me to the bone to hear them and I’m in Buxton, Maine with a small chihuahua, although I suspect the loss of my cat a few years ago was due to the screaming demon in the woods. Bear sitings are annual as close as a mile from the site of this fishercat. I grabbed my camera, but to late as I caught sight of it’s tail as it ran into the woods. Used to it a bit more, but still wakes us and our 3 dogs up at night. Just like the insurance commercial on TV- “must be true, it was on the internet.” Look for reputable sources (read- biologists) when you’re researching. That is the sound of a Red Fox warning call. We have very large boulders on each side of our front yard and she was playing on them. She ran right to me and purred when i picked her up and brought her inside. Fishers make very little sounds. Take care…. Usually the one off sound means that the Fisher cat animal is either closing on a hunt or has already killed its victim. Mink love to go after roosting birds at night. My wife does not believe me because they were 50 yards from a fox den (last four years); but she was in bed and I was out in the field. Well, now we both know. I played the audio of the screech real loud and the dam thing came right in my front yard. I described the screech as a mega crow on steroids. It had a burrough. I’d plant more trees and even buy out the old golf course a couple of miles form here and replant trees there! Fishers make a scream sound, but it’s only in the spring when mating so far as I know. I live in Hope, RI. I walk a lot in woods around my place it is very quiet and calm and during the past few years i saw that there was almost no squirrels, rabbits, and partridge. when a fox hunts he doesnt make a sound. The shrillness lends a certain high pitch to the sound and makes it sound like a woman or a child. Really gnarly looking animal! Paralyzingly frightening sounds from the woods “out back”. We had one the other night and now Im missing my Fat Boy- who wasn’t really fat but I think that fisher cat didnt mind. It has the face of a ferret and the body of a bear. I have yet to find a site that claims to have audio of fisher that doesn’t refer back to this site. after searching online, i discovered these were fisher cats. The next were a couple if raccoons having an argument. Will it seek out a fight or do they only attack pets if said pet goes messing with them and messing around on the Fishers turf? I knew it was a member of the weasel family, but I had never seen such a large animal this shape. my neighbor told me she was awakened in the night and it sounded like someone was getting murdered. Where can I hear the sound I don’t hear anything!! Idk I just want our cats back :'(. I listened to this sound last night for maybe 5 mins. We were loaded and just waiting for the truck to get warm. But we also have racoons, owls, opossums, and grey fox. As my dog just caught a Fisher cat in my yard who was going after my house cat I can definetly confirm that they have a hair raising piercingly loud high pitched scream. It is sporadic, goes on for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or longer. Too close for comfort for me this time. Cats are medium-size mammals, so cats fit within fishers’ potential prey. Almost like a monkey? Thanks for helping. None of these sounds display the blood-curdling snarling-screech of a fisher cat. A Fisher cat attacked a 10-month-old Cockapoo in New Hampshire. It is a dangerous creature. Dan Gardoqui We think that the sound that they make, which usually arouses us in a panic as it is so alarming, is just them walking about in search of a mate. I saw a fisher for the first time yesterday. More often than not the Fisher Cat sounds are going to be constant and it will become a haunting experience. As I did research to identify this beautiful animal and I came accross this site. Does anyone know what a chupacabra sounds like? I had to look it up to make sure what it was. Granted it’s a big yard but it’s also on a fairly busy street. I found it quite coincidental, that his car was found wrecked, in the exact same location, that this “thing” was coming at us. It sound like a crow. This is most probably a fisher. why are you reading this page ? Do fishers ever make snorting sounds, like a wild bore? We live on ten acres of heavily wooded land. We usually walk our dog in the back of our house, but will not anymore. There are many Fisher Cat sightings however. My husband got the mate the same way the night before. Once back inside the screaches continued for I doubt they are very likely to hang out near human habitations unless the wild food supply is very low. There has to be a reason why they have migrated to rural areas, Could it be their homes in the woods are all being distroyed and built on? They’re vicious. Unfortunately that was the den behind my house. About 1-3 Am, small town of about 500 people. I was watching a linked video that was after yours…lol ignore my post! Mine wasn’t. We will call the DEC to come and collect them and put them back in the mountains where they belong. Thank you to all for posting the audio clips. it was the size of a large cat…hair stuck out like a bear’s hair…. We had never seen such an animal. Just saw 2 fishers in the woods today in Rutland MA middle of the day! Not to be disagreeable, but nope, that’s a fisher. As someone else pointed out, scientists who have studied fishers for years, both in the wild and in captivity, have never heard a fisher scream. I would freak the hell out if I saw anything attacking my dog. Very cool!!! Just avoid the stress altogether and stand near them and when they’re outside and get them back inside when you’re ready to go back inside (even if for a glass of water!). And fences do not keep them out of the hen house. Believe it or not, the fisher chased after the boy and the dog! I live in the woods also and have persimmon trees. Then he runs into the brush comes back out about 10 mins later deer is gone he looks @ me for about 2 mins then runs away. I thought it was a large ferret but it was much too big. Photos afterwards do not show this image. Really though, for something as small as people say they are.. they sound extremely intimidating. You have little to fear from fishers. I meant to say it sounds like a “hawk”. That’s not a fisher, but it makes a similar noise. Unfortunately geese mate for life and my gander completely lost it when his mate was killed and partially eaten. No more pet door! Not long after the screeching incident, two of my cats disappeared within approximately ten days of each other. My husband and I adopted 2 stray cats that have been out in the wild for at least 4 yrs. Nothing more. You people obviously are not woodsmen. Hope this helps. It’s myths like this which get animals slaughtered to extinction. The fisher cat call in most cases is just a call for mating however they are known to make sounds just before or after hunting. Just heard this horrible screaming, like something shredding another animal and we wondered if it was a fisher…wonder no longer. 2 Comments. Today, my 4 year old daughter spotted something coming out of the woods on our property in Feeding Hills. i saw them at dusk, and then at 11:00 am the following day. Coming home tonight I saw an animal running up the side of the road and couldn’t figure out what it was, but on researching am pretty sure it was a fisher. Clip three is a male domestic cat. I wondered if it was a fox, since I have been seeing them sculking around my property. Sure enough the next morning we found that all of the turtle’s eggs where destroyed and eaten. I have one screaming in our woods as I write this.The calls of fox (red or gray) & the fisher are notoriously difficult to distinguish. I heard this in the field behind my house in Gill, Mass last night (March 30, 2013). Never before in my 62 years have i been afraid to go out side at night until now. First is probably a fox. I don’t know. Sorta like a a person who does impressions of other persons! As for fishers being dangerous…cats are dangerous to birds, dogs are dangerous to deer in winter, our cars and roads are dangerous to everyone and most of our sounds would be scary to any wild animal. The call this site claims is a fisher is definitely a fox. I heard this sound 3 times in 2 weeks, only at night, and it was quite a scary sound; not something I would like to hear if I were out walking or camping. Toes. I have seen and heard both. The fisher makes a single call, repetitively, every so many seconds (say 30 -60), and just keeps at it, sometimes for so long you’d think it was stuck in a trap. I feel for anyone who has encountered these things my husband was combining oats yesterday and stirred up a whole family of them during the day, large family I might add. For people interested in cats I would guess that you realize that the fisher cat is not a cat! The fisher cat killed 5 ducks 30 some chickens and injured 2 of are pet milking goats. Roger Powell, a biologist who has numerous scientific publications on the fisher, writes the following: “Known fisher vocalizations include a low chuckle (apparently associated with excitement), a hiss, and a growl (both aggressive).” The only sources that ever mention fisher screams are newspaper articles and blogs. I ‘know’ we have Fisher in the area, but this sound is I heard, but with the ‘yelp’ behind it. My neighbors told me there was a fisher cat living in the neighborhood, but there is also a family of red fox (vixen and two kits) living in a den just off the back of our property, so I wasn’t sure which I was hearing every night. It was not where to be seen. I heard this sound last night. The female makes the scream. Please stop propagating the old myth that fishers eat cats. I have seen fisher’s on many occasions over the years. And they’re LOUD. absolutely a fisher cat !!!! It’s a small difference in name, but fisher cat is a name often used for the fisher. LOL. This is a fisher cats call. They are in these woods almost everyday AND night. She just kept screaming so I opened the window and told her to go away and she barked at me! I am not a fan of Fishers!! I saw paw prints out back earlier today that I couldn’t identify either. The Fisher cat is a nocturnal animal and the fisher cat cry is sometimes a hunting cry and at others the Fisher cat call is just a mating call. While the animals do not prey in the day time they can still be spotted moving about. Neighbours had a fischer in their barn and found many cat skeletons. It was frightening to listen to, and even scarier to realize that they are venturing into populated areas. Since it is a nocturnal animal it hunts in the night and is not easily spotted in the day. little did i no was that i was going to come back. This was pretty level with our faces and began to get closer and closer.. yet we couldn’t see anything in front of us. It amublates on the ground differently than any animal I’d ever seen, and it has a very long bushy tail. Definitely not a fisher cat. They kill cats and dogs, it’s unreasonable to think that a fisher cat will kill cats but will not kill a dog who happens to be the same size as a cat, that’s just not logical. Fisher cats are ferocious predators belonging to the weasel family and are known for their eerie screams and liking for house cats. long or so. Scream sound. He almost got my Mittens.I got him with my son’s baseball bat. Bobcats and mountain lions make thats same sound!! We have to adjust to it and take every procaution to protect our animals, and children. Heard what seemed in my opinion to be this same noise last nite for the 1st time. God Bless and Know someone is thinking of you and your dear lost kitties. The sound of a Fisher cat is very shrill and resembles someone calling for help. First thought was Fisher, but it was followed by a “yelp” as I’ve heard from my dogs. I wonder if it would’ve passed over the bananas or came in and whooped my cats ass? It is quit interesting that people have a phobia about a 10 lb animal. We are raising chicks and I’m concerned that iit might tear the coop down. My cats are like our children to my family, so it’s pretty devastating, but the majority of them have been outdoor cats for their entire lives so it’s difficult to keep them inside though I try. During the October snow storm I saw what was easily a 4′ long Fisher run out of the woods when all the tree limbs were falling. 70% of NH residents are also mistaken of circling flying birds up high above in which they call “Hawks”…., when in fact they are Turkey Vultures/buzzards. i ahve one in my abckyard cuz i got houectas, i keep them in but it screams like every 2 nights… man. None of the videos or audio on this page are Fisher sounds. Ask a » Is a Fisher Making This Noise? If anyone wants to tell me how to put it up here let me know I put it on my video camera and am not sure how to send it. I don’t really want to hear this horrifying scream but HAVE to now that’s as bad as you all say. Keep your cats indoors if you want to keep them away from predators (especially speedy cars which kill far more cats than Fishers). was out beartonight and I had one come too my baite dam thing ran up a tree and got a turkey don”t know whats next but he did make the bad bad sounds. Or you could be a responsible pet owner and keep your cats indoors! Last spring, about 1 in the morning, she brought home a young bobcat, I guess for my approval, but the bobcat was a bit shy, screamed and ran into my rock garden and watched me from a very short distance away. Staring back at me, from across the street. However, fishers will indeed take a cat when given the opportunity. It came about 5 feet from my deck. Do raccoons sound like they are screaming screeching and being brutally murdered? s/he was not very afraid of me. Coyote pee might deter them from coming into your yard. A few days later I saw what looked almost like a combination of an overgrown long haired cat/weasel slowly walking up my driveway and into the woods – it kind of sauntered and walked almost like a beaver would. They are no more likely to eat your pet ducks than a possum or a fox. It hissed at him and his friend. I just saw a Fisher Cat in the Shenandoah NP, so they have come south. NOT a fisher cat!! While Fisher Cats are ferocious enough to attack house cats and have done that, a lot of what is said about them is folklore and exaggerated. Then in a soft voice I asked the animal what it was doing there! Protecting Your Chicken Coop Elevate the chicken coop. It was near Big Meadows which is a major tourist area. I heard a noise like that but more like a door creaking open or a baby screaming. Our St. Bernard was out for her last “business” trip before bed and must have encountered this animal, which we think is a fisher. Not a sign of them anywhere. I have also heard their screams from the woods along with their unlucky victims. The sound was coming from outside, we started getting dressed then the noise outside changed and sounded inhuman. I have installed anti-critter flashing red lights and wonder if they will keep it away. Watching an animal in a cage and judging the concerns of people who live with the actual predator in the wild can be considered irresponsible as well. Who ever says the fisher doesn’t scream bloody murder is indeed uneducated! The leading expert on fisher research, Roger A Powell (who raised fishers for nearly 20 yrs) confirms that fishers do not screech at all. So strange. I figured it was probably a fishercat because I know what foxes sound like which is like a mad or crazy woman wandering the English moors on a foggy scary night. I was just 40 foot away at the time about 30 minutes to sunset.
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